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The turkish government issued two new decrees this weekend, including one that bans popular tv and radio dating programs, the associated press reported the country's official gazette published the decrees late saturday evening the first decree expelled over 4,000 civil servants, including 500. Dating show contestant sefer calinak after making the shocking revelation calinak, who was appearing on turkish channel flash tv's luck of the draw, was asked to leave the show the audience members and contestants clapped as he walked off stage. Sefer calinak, 62, shocks the host of a turkish tv dating show luck of the draw on flash tv when he reveals he murdered his first wife and years later killed a lover(photo: flash tv.

Chirpses video: turkish tv dating show contestant reveals he murdered his first wife and ex-lover. A turkish man looking for love on a tv dating show was booted from the studio after confessing to killing his wife and a former lover sefer calinak, 62, stunned potential partners and the audience when he revealed on flash tv's luck of the draw how he'd served prison time for each of the murders.

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62-year-old sefer calinak was booted from popular turkish dating show 'the luck of the draw', after revealing he'd killed two of his former lovers turkish m. When it comes to looking for love, maybe skip the dating shows and hitch a ride on the hook-up truck instead while honesty is usually the best policy, sefer calinak, a man looking for love on a turkish dating show, missed his chance to meet a potential wife when he got a little too open and honest. A bachelorette on turkish dating show luck of the draw got more than she anticipated in a conversation with prospective bachelor sefer çalınak.

Turkey plans to ban tv dating shows turkey is planning to ban popular television dating shows because they do not show that the country’s secular.

Turkey on saturday blocked all access to wikipedia and banned television dating shows, adding to fears of a crackdown after president recep tayyip erdogan's victory in a referendum on enhancing his powers. Televised dating programs also banned on saturday follow a remark in march by deputy prime minister numan kurtulmus that such shows did not comply with turkish traditions and customs there are some strange programs that would scrap the institution of the family, take away its nobility and sanctity, kurtulmus said in march.

The dating show ban comes on the same day as turkey’s information and communication technologies authority (btk) said it was blocking wikipedia with an administrative order according to the turkish media, the online encyclopedia failed to remove what the authorities called content promoting terrorism and accusing ankara. A man looking for love on a turkish tv dating show shocked the audience-- and any potential mates-- when he admitted to. The turkish religious affairs agency diyanet criticised dating shows last month saying they 'exploited family values and desecrated the family institution by stepping on it' the turkish authorities insist there is full freedom of religious belief in the country's diverse society but many secular liberals feel increasingly uncomfortable.

Turkish dating show
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